Am I too strict or too over protective as a mother ? 5 must do's to help your child succeed in life.

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

You are a PERFECT PARENT and doing the best from your consciousness.

There is a mythological tale where Shree Krishna says, "In kaliyuga knowledge would be written on eagle's wing. I interpret as internet. It seems as if the wind is disbursing it across the world.

About parenting Shree Krishna says, "To get the calf on it's feet, she licks it until it starts walking. In kaliyuga cow would lick her calf so much that calf cannot stand on his feet."

Society has created a certain image of a good mother and set some norms related to parenting and we have also observed it in our childhood.

I don't use the terms 'good parenting' or 'bad parenting'. I call it "Unconscious Parenting".

Approach to set the boundaries must be always firm and polite.

kids don't follow what you say, they follow what you do.