What Career Options Should One Choose - Kya Banoge Munna?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

For parents of NEET, JEE aspirants and college-goers,

In a counselling with a child appearing for the NEET exam, amidst their panic, the parents felt more restless inside but the child showed it.

Every parent, when starting the journey of career choice, must sit down with the child and find out what they want to do.

If child says, "I don't know," that is the best thing, since they know exactly what they don't want in their life.

Ask them or take help, because you may get the answer that they are sure that they don't want to be like their mom and dad :)

Blessed are those children who don't want to live by the legacy of beliefs and patterns of their parents and are mavericks.

They know there will be difficulties and challenges ahead, but are ready to follow the UNKNOWN.

It's a very, very big thing, because humans feel safe and comfortable with the familiar.