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Yes, There is FREE WILL in life ...

Updated: Apr 20

"This article marks my debut into the realm of #positiveastrology. While my previous works delved into Positive Psychology, Health, Nutrition etc, I now embark on exploring the often-misunderstood field of astrology, that is #positiveastrology and #ritualsofhappysoul. It's a domain often labeled as occult, yet it's a fusion of magical calculations and science, demanding profound intuition to decipher the cosmic workings."

Many people ask if whatever is written is happening to us, then where is free will? Why are we doing what we are doing? Astrology was explained in story forms and in shlokas, and everyone interpreted it as per their choice. Like the Geeta, which is decoded by different people according to them. In one of the IIMA leadership courses I did, they decoded Geeta as how to utilize it in the management field.

So, I was explaining about where the free will is in life... As I am a well-known storyteller, let me share a case. A lady contacted me about some issue her child was facing, and for that purpose, she sent her birth chart and her son's chart. Seeing the mother's chart, I told her that I wanted to know about her married life as that needed more attention, and I wrote a few things on paper. She said her husband is not at all a right person, marriage was hell, and she is heading for divorce. It was actually a painful story. Once she finished, I gave her the paper, where I had written that she had a troubled marriage in her chart and must have patience until so and so date as her husband will leave no stone unturned to take away her mental peace.

I explained that I am talking about what is written in her chart. It is not about any particular person. When we know we are at fault, we accept sufferings. We suffer more when we know other people are treating us badly and we are not at fault.

So, where is the free will in the chart? Nothing comes free in life, not even free will. We have to pay the price for it. We should practice acquiring Free Will every day, and pranayama is the way to it. Free will comes when we stop time. In pranayama, we call it KUMBHAK, HOLD BREATHE AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS AND FOCUS ON THE SENSATION ON THE BODY. WHEN WE SURRENDER TO THE UNIVERSE AND JUST EXPERIENCE SENSATION WITHOUT REACTION, WE REACH TO A POINT OF SHUNYA STATE WHERE WE ARE CAPABLE OF ALTERING OUR FEELINGS AND VIBRATIONS AND MATCH IT TO HAPPINESS AND ABUNDANCE .

She asked, "Then my husband must be assigned to make my life hell. He can't be blamed for wrongdoings then."

I narrated a mythological story to reply her;

In a peaceful ashram, there lived a saint with his loyal dog and caretaker. One day, after consulting the prashna chart, the saint sensed danger looming – someone was destined to meet their end that day and he was assigned the job. Upon checking the dog's fate, he discovered a troubling truth – the dog was to perish by a sharp object.

Determined to change this fate, the saint decided to pause time by controlling his breath. He entrusted the ashram to his caretaker and hid all sharp tools out of sight. While immersed in deep meditation, the dog, hungry and unaware, accidentally stumbled upon the hidden tools and met its demise.

This tale teaches us about the power of free will amidst our destiny. While we can't control birth or death, we can shape our actions through mindful breathing and awareness.

It means when we are aligned to do something wrong to someone, the free will is to choose our actions and consciously change the intense urges , like u have urge to quit the relationship at this moment. It is written in your chart that you will be separated from your spouse. I know this intense genuine pain you are going through is real but as the time pass ( date I mentioned) the intensity will reduce to quit and you will be directed towards love and light. For that you have to operate at this moment with love and peace.

Surrender, ask universe to direct you towards highest good for the family.

Stop judging people and situation .

Shift your focus towards what is working in your life and write gratitude journal.

You must practice mindfulness and gain control on conscious actions and miracle will happen.

Astrology serves as a guide, helping us surrender in times of uncertainty and reconnect with the universe.

By practicing gratitude, mindfulness, conscious breathing and reflection, we accumulate the currency of free will, shaping our path forward. Let's embrace a positive outlook on astrology, despite its misuse, and rediscover its true essence.

Share the positivity .... what we give will return to us manyfolds !

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