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My Pillowtalk

“Committment to align with pure love without judgement is CHARACTER. Love has kindness, peace, faith, compassion, forgiveness and empathy. There is nothing called SIN, its only absence of love & misalignment” 


“Sometimes, you don’t realise you need to view the world better and understand yourself deeper, until you actually do. This was my experience with Manisha Aunty. Our conversation lasted longer than we anticipated because I had so much to absorb from her. She helped me understand myself better just by guiding my train of thoughts. I didn’t know I could find answers to some thoughts and questions of mine until we started conversing. 


In just one meeting, I felt like I knew myself better whilst understanding other and their intentions around me. She’s a woman of complete knowledge and virtue. One must definitely feel inspired after meeting her. There is learning in everything she says to you. Our meeting ended with me wanting to speak to her for longer. Her aura and vibes are full of high positive energies which seemed contagious. Just doing a few exercises helped me, I can only imagine what more could do!"

—  These lovely words are from a lovely 19 yr old girl!

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